What's the right
Theater Home System for

Your Home - Not the theater home system that's right for the company selling you!

I don't know about you, but I hate going into a store, whether its looking for a DVD players, surround sound system, cables for my theater or even a new TV -


Because they always want to sell you what you don't want, or can't afford. They look at what's going to give them the best commission.

Thank heavens for the "Internet".

You don't have to go face to face with a salesperson for your theater home system or surround sound systems you might be looking for.

NOW, if they try to "Upsell You"

Just "Click" and you are out of their store - with no remorse!

The GOOD NEWS from this "It's harder for companies to make a sale on the Internet". Which means to you there are a handful of helpful qualified successful internet companies that will work hard to help you get exactly what you want and the best price -

Only if you know where to LOOK!

Home-arcade-games.com has searched and found the following extremely knowledgeable, highly respectable, competitive, and give you what you want companies.

Whether it's a theater home system, dvd players, plasma tv's, speakers, video - well you get the picture.

These companies will help you and not rip you off!

1) Consumer Direct Home Theater ...

One of the Best on the "Internet" in customer service. Specializes in Home entertainment systems from low to high-end audio, video, plasma TV's. They'll help you get the best system that meets your needs.

Great even if you want just get ideas for your future Theater Home system.

2) Parts Express .... If you have a "Blown" speaker or just want to upgrade your existing system, then this is it! You'll get the RIGHT one from an Awesome technical staff. Affordable home theater speaker systems that will give you the "Ultimate" Movie experience !

3) Creative Labs Theater Home System .... Take a PEEK at this little Gem of a site for your portable MP3 players, digital home entertainment and everything for your PC.

These guys and gals know digital music players like NOMAD, along with your PC entertainment and will help you get the best for your needs even if you're getting a present for someone else.


If you have a game room or rec room. A Theater for the home is an awesome addition to go with your arcade games, not to mention it will keep the kids busy while you're playing your games.

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