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But what dart board game should you get for the home and who knows the in and outs of problems that can occur? Can/Will they fix those problems?

Our source knows how to prepare a dart board before it's delivered so you'll have years of fun. Here's what one customer had to say about Star Amusements.


Hi, this is Jerry Lanie. I bought a FM dartboard about 3 months ago from Star Amusement, just want you to know it works great thank you again for setting me up with Phil. Hope to deal with you guys again. If you want to know how good it works come over I'll give you a free lesson. lol have a good day.
I shoot a 2.7. Aug-24-08

You can get these brand new or fully re-conditioned (You'll save More on a Used One) and these boards will look and operate like brand new.

At the bottom of the page we've provided a pricing request form on Dart Boards new and used from Star Services - check them out, they're Really Good!

At the bottom of the page we've provided a pricing request form on Dart Boards used from Star services - check them out they're really good.

If you decide to get one used you can expect the re-seller or dealer to perform the following repairs and maintenance to your electronic Dart Boards Game.

1 - Check and repair any wires or electronics that need fixing.

2 - Check all hole inserts making sure they function properly. If not, replace.

3 - Make sure all digital numbers on display work. If not, then replace bad ones.

4 - Electrical cord should be in good condition with a "grounding" prong.

Make sure you ask the questions rather than leaving it to chance, so that you know you're getting a quality game.


An operators dream. Save time, money and manpower with the new "fold-down" design. Permits installation in minutes, minimizes risk of damage. Secures in place with only three bolts.

For the home owner this means you are getting an extremely well built electronic dart boards game that will give you many, many fun years.

Improved impact sensor to detect darts that miss the target Target may be quickly serviced from the front Automatic N.D.A feats readout for "01" games and cricket All electronic components are within easy reach through front access, self- diagnostic mode speeds servicing

$799 - $899 approximately
Valley SM Used

Check out the form at bottom of page to get a price on dart boards used.


One of the most popular electronic Dart boards ever made.

Easy to see overhead scoreboard, even by faraway spectators. New combination of fixed LED's and variable 7-segment displays makes it possible to post scores for just about any dart game.

Simplified 3 button game selection . Players-selectable bull's eye points. Either 50 points anywhere in bull's eye or 50 in center ring, 25 in outer ring. Fold-in-half transportability. Secures in play position without tools. Visual & audio attract mode.

Automatic "one-dart-out" calculator and display. Electronically generated sounds for high-point hits, wins & losses. TRU-SCORE high-speed microprocessor.

Front service access electronics. Missed target impact sensor. Automatic (infrared) and manual (button) player change. Operator programmable pricing and rounds limits.

$1,199 - $1,299 approximately
Valley HB used

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Very rugged and looks great in any game room.

With it's unique time limits games, Rapid Fire and Stop Watch, the new Cougar 8 provides you with the fastest way to increase dart game revenue! Players can adjust their shooting time to compensate for their individual degree of speed and skill.

After each round, player's time handicaps are adjusted by Honest Ernie, the computer. Time is added or deducted according to player's skill level. A 9 round game featuring a different target each round.

Hit the target and score increases. Miss the target and score splits in half.

$1,699 - $1,799 approximately
Valley Cougar 8 used

Check out the form at bottom of page to get a price on dart boards used.

Check out the form at bottom of page to get a price on dart boards used.


This game has touched the heart of electronic dart boards enthusiasts as you'll see below.

is Arachnid's newest soft-tip electronic dart boards game. The Galaxy 2 comes with a 15" color monitor. This dart board also has a whole new set of inventive "Speed Games" that are sure to add an exciting twist to the game of darts. The Galaxy II has a newly redesigned "Impact Resistant" cabinet that gives the game a brand new "futuristic" look.

UI Color 15" Monitor Speed Games Automated league mode Download league configurations Download league standings Network multiple machines Setup mode Attract Screens Customized "WIN" screens Missed dart detector Backwards compatibility Modem call out Simplified network configuration Benefits: Good visibility Easier for operators and players No league cards Secured league collection Great connectivity Easy customization A simple way to advertise Player recognition More accurate play Continue using existing machines Less competition for phone lines

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