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Elephant Beautiful Balls

Beautiful Balls- The famous Elephant Balls, with a great low price! Over Hundreds of Hours with National TV Appearances, including through ESPN as well as appearing in MAXIM Magazine. Regulation Size and Weight. Perfectly rounded and balanced. These high quality billiard balls are not made from pure Phenolic Resin but moreover other chemicals from the same family. They offer the same quality, characteristics, and play as the Belgian phenolic balls but with the extravagant color shades that will bring art and fashion to any billiard table. These images don't do these Elephant Beautiful Balls justice; they are simply stunning.

Elephant Beautiful Balls

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Elephant Stars and Stripes

Why take you own balls to a billiard club? As the continuous pounding takes its toll on public balls, they begin to lose weigh and roundness (sometimes not visible). This type of this deterioration can begin in as little as a few weeks depending on how often the balls are used. Naturally, this will affect game play.

The simple, fun solution! Take your Stars & Stripes elephant pool balls when you go out to play. This unique set, with an innovative box that doubles as a carrying case, is sure to enhance you enjoyment of the quality table, great atmosphere, and good friends. Each ball is precisely crafted to meet all professional ball standards (including size, weight, balance and roundness).

In addition to the innovative carrying case, each set comes with the Elephant Balls Precision Cue ball, designed to maintain weight and roundness after constant impact.

Elephant Stars and Stripes - Elephant pool balls

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Elephant Lunar Rocks

This new state-of-the-art set of Lunar Rocks elephant pool balls were engineered for the Hollywood motion picture "Pluto Nash", starring Eddie Murphy. The sturdy box features an entertaining story about the origin of these unique balls. The balls meet professional standards, including size, weight, balance, and roundness. With the incredible appearance of rough, gray rock, while actually being perfectly round, these balls are just plain cool.

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Elephanet Traditional Series - Elephant Pool Balls

Looking for a high-quality, durable, attractive set of pocket-billiard balls at a great price? Look no further! Elephant pool Balls Traditional Series is the most durable, attractive ball set in its price range. Each ball meets all specifications for tournament quality pocket-billiard balls including weight, size, balance and roundness. Vibrant colors combined with a high-gloss finish makes the set ideal for both residential and commercial use. Order now and receive a special cueball inscribed with the company name--'Elephant Balls'. Everyone loves the name!

Elephant Traditional Balls

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Practice Balls by Elephant

Books and videos are great for learning concepts, but to develop or build skills, you have to learn by doing. With practical learning, feedback is a necessity. With this training set, you can get immediate visual feedback on every shot, including how the balls are rolling, spinning, and/or sliding. You'll improve rapidly and easily by learning to control the ball movement and create a consistent, accurate shot. Used by master instructors and professionals, these patented balls provide the complete answer for improving to your desired level.

Elephant Practice Balls

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