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But, where do you start. How do you know what popcorn machine is best for you and not the salesperson's wallet - Just follow the popcorn machines advice.

Below we've provided you with the questions you need to ask before you get your first popcorn machine.

Have FUN with classic movie theater style popcorn machines Like these.

Now watching films at home can be
a complete movie going experience.

How about popping popcorn on that special occasion.

Birthday parties, holiday’s or just a night with your loved one will now be a total BLAST!

Not only will your kids be mesmerized watching the kernels POP, they can’t wait to pour on their own flavorings like cheddar, BUTTER, or whatever their taste buds are CRAVING for.

What machine is Best for You?

The popcorn machines advice boils it down to what style you like, color, whether or not you need a popcorn cart (the top by itself can be placed on a counter), and the one you ask yourself everytime - what's in my BUDGET?

Do You Know What Question is Asked the Most When Deciding on a Popcorn Machine?

How do I know what is the best size machine I should get for my home?

Poppers vary in kettle size (i.e. the size of the round bowl that holds and pops the kernels to make the corn).

They start out in 4oz. (ounce)

  • 6oz.

  • 8oz.

Machines also come in 12oz., 14oz. And 16oz. These are sizes that are more suited for a bar, restaurant, movie theaters,  convenience store,  and even an amusement park  –  Not something for the house  -  unless you plan on inviting  the  whole  neighborhood  over  for  popcorn.

More people opt for the 6oz. rather than the 4oz.  

Why you ask!  

Well, any popper over 4oz. comes with a heater that is located underneath the bottom pan.    This heater keeps your crisp  and  tasty  popcorn  warm for hours.

Which style popcorn machine
looks best in

your home or business?

There are so many styles out there. The most reputable manufacturers with the greatest selection of styles come from Cretors, GMI/Paragon, and Gold Medal.

Some popcorn machines are styled with ornamentation on top like the old fashioned popcorn machines you used to see at the fair or amusement parks.

There's even a contemporary design popcorn machine with that style to fit her decor in her home.

Whatever your taste - Cretor's, GMI/Paragon, and Gold Medal provide the size and style popcorn machine for your home that will last.

Save Money on Used or Refurbished Popcorn Machines

Sometimes distributors find and refurbish used popcorn machines. They look brand new, have factory popcorn replacement parts, tested, and have all your popcorn supplies. These popcorn machines are sold at a discount and will save you extra bucks.

Home arcade games gets notification about these restored used popcorn machines. So please call us at (248) 642-3022 or email us and we can direct you where they are available with our free popcorn machines advice.

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