Ever thought about buying pinball machines used

Below are some additional helpful tips on buying pinball machines used,and a source at the bottom of page to help you diagnose your own pinball machine.

Also, the very best pinball distributor in the World with their Price request form listed below.

You may pay less or you may pay more depending on the quality of the game, as well as the popularity of the game.

If you buy from a reputable dealer or distributor you’re guaranteed to get a game that is gone through by seasoned specialized technicians which means…..

You’ll have more fun playing the pinball machines rather than trying to find somebody to fix it!

...which will cost you more Money.

Unlike coin-op video games, pinball machines have a lot of components and moving parts. This means there's more to go wrong. So you want to get a game that is thoroughly gone through, which means you'll enjoy the game for years to come.

Also, be careful of buying pinball machines used off Ebay. Although there are some great reputable companies selling used pinball machines on Ebay, there are a lot that aren't.

Make sure you never buy pinball machines used "as-is" or "no warranty" unless you no what you're doing.

There's an International pinball distributor out of Pennsylvania that is top-notch and you don't have to worry about getting a defective game or spending time fixing. Instead, you'll just have fun playing.

The company is called M&P.

M&P Arcade/Pinball Price Request

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

If you'd like to see a picture of the various pinball machines used and new then or scan down to the bottom of the
page and click on "The Internet Pinball Database".

It's the largest database on the internet for pinball.

If you're serious about getting a pinball machine and want the thorough, complete step by step to buying pinball machines used then
Click Here for The Pinball Machines Buyer Guide.

Here are definitions of "Shopping"
pinball machines used.

Average Shop: There should be no cost for this shop job. Some will charge $100-$200 more, but you should go somewhere else to buy pinball machines used if they want to charge this fee.

This is the standard level of work done. The machine will work very well. Recommended for the hobbyist and reseller alike. The reseller or distributor will do the following things:

  • Cabinet is gone over and touched up as necessary to make it look as close to new as possible. Some people don't want this done, but take it if they're offering it.
  • Playfield is cleaned and waxed. Note: The ramps are only removed to repair something under them or the ramps themselves are in need of repair.
  • Rubbers are cleaned or replaced as needed.
  • Machine is checked for working boards and displays.
  • Program revisions are updated whenever possible.
  • Playfield electronics are checked and repaired.

As is:

If you like tinkering with pinball games, then this is for you. For the serious hobbyist or reseller only. There will be cleaning and repairs needed. Not always for the faint of heart.

  • Machine is checked for proper working voltage set. Boards and displays will work.

ALL pinball machines should carry a 30 day warranty on the boards and display(s) (NEVER BUY "AS-IS").


Do you already own a pinball machine or arcade games - then the following link is CRITICAL to helping you maintain, restore, save $65/hour and troubleshoot every aspect of your used pinball machines.

Diagnose and Learn how to fix your pinball machine yourself and save money.

Then just scan down to " Coin-op Game Repair Guides " and choose the correct manufacturer and year for help on your pinball machines used.

Here is another valuable source that will give you everything from Designer, Artist, game play, Revisions, etc. etc. etc. So click on this link to get more help

called the Internet Pinball Machine Database.

If you need other help with buying pinball machines used. Please feel free to email me or call me.

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